12/17/2010 10:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mark Madoff's Final Days: Dealbook

Dealbook has a fascinating examination into who Mark Madoff was before he took his own life.

Sources close to Madoff said he was mortified by his father's scandal and had much difficulty coming to terms with public scrutiny and criticism.

"He was deeply, deeply angry at what his father had done to him -- to everybody," a childhood friend told Dealbook. "That anger just seemed to feed on itself."

When once Mark Madoff was proud of his name and heritage, overnight it became an incredible burden, making him not only a social pariah but unemployable in the field in which he excelled. His wife and children applied to change their last name to "Morgan", and Madoff himself hid his name from an anonymous daily real estate news letter he sent out called the Sonar Report.

Mark and his brother Andrew are the ones who turned their father in, and had their own successful business apart from their father. But the fact that Mark received $17 million more than he put into his father's fake investment scheme earned him some criticism. Irving L. Picard, a bankruptcy lawyer charged with retaining millions for Madoff victims, said the Madoff salaries were too large, and that the brothers Madoff were "completely derelict" in their duties at their firm.

The shame of the Madoff name and the high amount of public anger directed at the family led them to cremate Mark Madoff's body and hold a private memorial in an undisclosed location.

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