The Top 9 Facebook Status Trends Of 2010

12/17/2010 03:26 pm 15:26:46 | Updated May 25, 2011

This year, Facebook cemented its place as the most popular social network on the Web. As the Facebook team sifted through the status updates of the site's half-billion users, several trends became apparent, one of which captures the very essence of the Facebook platform.

Yes, users were sharing ideas about popular culture and global events, but the #1 most-posted status update had nothing to do with the news. While Twitter users retweeted posts by famous or funny people, Facebook users were most interested in connecting with one another.

"Whether looking for something to do or just getting off work, people began to add 'HMU' to their status updates when they were ready to meet their friends," according to The Facebook Blog. "Standing for 'hit me up,' the acronym was barely used last year but grew suddenly and steadily throughout 2010, especially during summer breaks and weekends."

See what other trends made the list of top Facebook status updates from 2010. Do any of these trends surprise you? In the comments below, tell us what you expected to see but didn't. Then, check out our slideshow of the most retweeted tweets from 2010, as well as the year's top Twitter trends.

Facebook Memology 2010: The Top 9 Status Trends of the Year (PHOTOS)
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