Very Superstitious 'Outliers'

12/17/2010 05:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jay Cost warns not to underestimate Obama in 2012.

Mark Mellman analyzes the political economy of defeat.

Steve Singiser finds a few post-election causes for optimism for Democrats.

David Hill says Americans are happy with America.

The New York Times debuts a data geek's dream in census mapping.

Jodie Allen reviews polls from the 1930s on how Americans responded to the Great Depression.

YouGov finds 55% of Americans would not pay $1 to determine whether a Democrat or Republican represents them.

Frank Newport shares polling on the tax cut compromise.

David Shor sees the tax deal will help Obama in 2011 but hurt him in 2012.

Chris Bowers digs into ABC News data on tax cuts.

Peter Hart discusses Obama, independents, and the deficit.

Tim Berners-Lee says data analysis is the future of journalism.

Survey Practice releases its December issue.

Google Books ngram viewer finds mentions of superstition declining as "polls" and "surveys" increase (h/t Monkey Cage).

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