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Was Bo Obama Quarantined In Hawaii?

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This morning Politico ran the headline "Bo Gets Quarantined," but it might not have been as dramatic as it sounds.

Bo traveled to Obama's home state on Saturday with the first lady, Sasha and Malia. The president will join them when Congress has wrapped up.

Christmas in Hawaii has been a long-standing Obama family tradition; this upcoming holiday will be their second as first family, and Bo's first. But before he could frolic with the family, he had to pass a veterinary exam upon landing.

Hawaii has strict rules for animals arriving on the islands: according to Hawaii News Now, the "Five-Day-Or-Less" quarantine program requires that all traveling pets have had at least two rabies shots in their lifetime, with the most recent occurring within 90 days of the pets arrival, as well as extensive blood tests to make sure the pet does not have rabies. He also has to have an identification microchip and the Obamas had to pay a $165 fee.

Although there's no official confirmation (the White House press office unfortunately doesn't write releases about Bo), it would seem that he passed with flying colors.

Hawaiian Agriculture Department spokeswoman Janelle Saneishi says the "Five-Day-Or-Less" program "has a provision for direct release at the airport if the owners do things as required," and the Obamas "did start the process quite early."

So, go, Bo! Have a good vacation.

Check the Travel page for updates on the Obamas' Christmas in Hawaii. There have been no sightings yet, so in the meantime you can amuse yourself with the Bo Obama Big News page.

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