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John McCain 'The Male Version Of Sarah Palin': Michelle Bernard (VIDEO)

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Chris Matthews hosted a segment on Monday's "Hardball" wondering, "Whatever Happened to John McCain?"

Attempting to make sense of McCain's positions on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the START treaty, and the DREAM Act, Matthews hosted MSNBC political analysts Richard Wolffe and Michelle Bernard.

"I don't know how you define John McCain any longer," Bernard said, baffled over McCain's apparent change of heart in a mere two-year span.

"Here's a guy who taunted Candidate Obama in 2008 saying, you've never bucked your party, you've never stood up to your own party," Wolffe said. "What's he doing now? He's the party line guy!"

"He has gone so far right, if you look at him, he has become his former Vice Presidential nominee," Bernard said. "He has become the male version of Sarah Palin."


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