12/22/2010 03:08 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ad By Conservative Group: Santa Claus To Put Coal In Congress's Stocking Over Tax Cut Deal (VIDEO)

Fiscal conservative group Bankrupting America is out with a new web video, invoking Santa Claus and his North Pole enterprise to attack the recently signed tax cut plan as bad for small business.

"They ask me 'Santa, aren't you ready to spend money, hire new workers, reinvest your profits and grow?'" Mr. Claus asks in the clip. "And my answer is, 'ho, ho, no.'"

Father Christmas then lays out a line of reasoning identical to that pushed by Senate Republicans, who publicly objected to President Obama's tax deal because it only extended Bush tax cuts for the rich for two years, not longer.

"Washington just isn't helping. I can't predict cost when Washington's rhetoric and policies keep changing," Santa says. "Taxes going up, current rates are just temporary, more earmarked goodies than my sleigh has gifts, and who knows what health care reform will cost us. Just give us business owners some clarity, simplify the tax code, and stop overspending."

The Associated Press reports on the tax package passed by Congress:

The package retains Bush-era tax rates for all taxpayers, including the wealthiest Americans, a provision Obama and congressional liberals opposed. It also offers 13 months of extended benefits to the unemployed and attempts to stimulate the economy with a Social Security payroll tax cut for all workers.