Girl Brought Pot Brownies To School, Park Ridge Cops Say

12/22/2010 01:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A high school student in Chicago's northwest suburbs was arrested earlier this month while running a bake sale of her own design on school grounds.

For sale, according to Park Ridge Police Cmdr. Lou Jogmen: pot brownies, which she was offering to her fellow students for $10 each.

The Pioneer Press reports that Maine South High School's resource officer was informed of the brownie sale on December 8, and brought the 17-year-old girl to the dean's office. Five brownies were found in her bag, and she admitted to their being laced with marijuana.

According to a Sun-Times Media Wire story, the brownies will now be subjected to crime lab testing to determine exactly how concentrated they were.

Meanwhile, the girl awaits charges on possession with intent to deliver in Juvenile Court.

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