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Travelocity Poll: What Is Proper Travel Etiquette? (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 12/22/10 08:35 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:20 PM ET

A new Travelocity poll of over 1,500 North Americans about the etiquette of travel - or as they're calling it, "Jetiquette" - reveals that despite what we often hear about the nightmares of air travel, most travelers report to be very polite.

However, travelers are not always on their very best behavior in-flight, whether it be eavesdropping, reclining their seats or just not turning off those cell phones.

Check out these 14 fun "Jetiquette" findings for 2010!

Captions by courtesy Genevieve Shaw Brown at Travelocity

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93% of travelers will help others with storing their carry-on bags in the overhead compartment. 4% or less will wait for someone else to help or will do nothing at all.
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