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Kristen Schaal Reveals New Porn Name Generator On Conan (VIDEO)

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With a newly decorated set, Tuesday night's "Conan" looked more like a circus than a talk show with its abundant lights and giant chicken sandwiches.

The very funny Kristen Schaal came by and gave Conan O'Brien a great interview about her rise in comedy, her sex book and an advanced formula for discovering one's porn name.

At about 5:00 in, after Schaal tells how winning a giant check propelled her career in comedy, Schaal reveals her new, enhanced porn name formula. First, she went over the current generator (the name of your pet + the street you grew up on) and found out Conan's porn name: Pebbles Canard. Schaal's? Buster Service Ramp.

Obviously, a new generator was needed to produce sexier results. Watch the clip below to hear what Schaal came up with, and enjoy the rest of the interview where Schaal discusses her version of "The Vagina Monologues."


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