Paul Wall Talks 100-Pound Weight Loss

12/22/2010 12:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Houston-based rapper Paul Wall has lost a lot of weight since his 'Sittin' Sidways' days - and he reveals that earlier this year he had a Gastric Sleeve procedure in an interview with Ozone magazine (via VIBE):

Since going back and forth on the drugs for years and taking diet pills, my metabolism was really gone. So I decided to go with the gastric sleeve, because it's a little more serious than the lap band. They also cut out the hormones that make you hungry. So I actually don't even get hungry anymore. The doctor talked me out of doing the lap band; he told me it's the most popular, but it's not as effective. With the lap band, you lose about 50% of your excess weight. I was 120 pounds overweight. I weighed 320 pounds, and I'm six feet tall. So with the lap band I still would've been morbidly obese. With the gastric sleeve, you typically lose 80% of your excess fat. I lost 100 pounds with it, so that's putting me in a more healthy weight class.

Working out is not part of Paul's regimen.

"Nah. I've probably worked out twice since I had [the surgery] and that was just a light workout," he said.

Read more about Paul's procedure and his motivations for losing weight here.

WATCH Paul in larger times - here's his 'Sittin' Sideways' video from 2005: