12/23/2010 07:55 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

McChrystal Memoir Coming 2012

Four star General Stanley A. McChrystal retired from his post as commander of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan and the U.S. army after criticizing Vice President Joe Biden and other American officials in a highly publicized Rolling Stone article this summer. In 2012 the world will be able to hear more of McChrystal's opinions in the form of a book, as Portfolio/ Penguin has acquired the memoir of the former military official.

From the publisher's Press Release:

"Amidst all the media coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," commented Mr. Zackheim, "few people know who General Stan McChrystal really is and what he has accomplished. Nor do people realize what a fascinating career he had for 38 years in the Army and what he can teach all of us about effective leadership under extreme pressure."

More from the Release:

General McChrystal said, "The theme that runs through my story, from my first day at West Point to my last day in uniform, is the question of what truly defines great leadership. I've served with many outstanding leaders and have learned from their success, their failures, and what it takes to win on the battlefield and in large, complex organizations. The lessons I've learned will help readers in the military, government, and the private sector."

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