12/24/2010 10:40 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Johnny Depp Literally Gets Animated In 'Rango' Preview (VIDEO)

Johnny Depp has played some cartoonish characters in his day, but now, he's literally becoming a cartoon in his new flick 'Rango.'

The man that brought us Jack Sparrow in 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and, even more recently, the newest Mad Hatter in 'Alice in Wonderland,' stars in the upcoming animated film 'Rango,' the story of a chameleon with an identity problem. And it's like no animation you've seen before.

Whereas generally, actors are locked alone in sound studios to do the voices for characters, Depp, along with co-star Isla Fisher and others, actually act out the zany western storyline, wearing costumes and pulling off major hijinks as they recite their lines in character in a process known as emotion capture.

The film, led by 'Pirates' direct Gore Verbinski, "capture[s] and translate[s] every aspect of Johnny Depp's performance, using it to drive the computer-generated character in a way that has yet to be seen in an animated feature."

The animation is being helmed by Industrial Light & Magic, a company better known for their astounding CGI work; this is their first time in 35 years doing a fully animated picture.

The film hits theaters March 4th, 2011.

WATCH (via /Film):

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