Stress Management: 9 Tell-Tale Signs Of Holiday Stress

12/24/2010 09:07 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Let's face it -- 2010 wasn't nice to a lot of people. If a change in your work life or finances is a dark cloud hanging on the holiday horizon, you're not alone.

Even before the economy bottomed out, Americans said financial pressures caused holiday stress. In a 2006 APA survey, 61 percent of respondents listed lack of money as the top cause of holiday stress, followed closely by the pressures of gift giving at 42 percent. Credit card debt also ranked highly, at 23 percent.

While more recent data isn't yet available, experts assume that financial pressures are even higher today. "Given the economy, money is still an issue," says Londoño-McConnell. "Typically, it is already a stressor, so it's probably going to continue."

What you should do: Although it's tough, now is the time of year to ask for help if you need it. From meals to toys for your kids, religious groups and other charitable organizations are there to help you.

If you were lucky enough to make it to the end of 2010 without needing a helping hand, then offer one to others.

"I think in this financial crisis, most of us have taken stock of what really matters," says Londoño-McConnell. "It's forcing us in some ways to get back to basics, and that might actually not be so bad." Check out creative savings tips.

How To Cope With Holiday Stress And Anxiety In A Healthy Way