12/27/2010 07:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Artist Max Presneill Studio Visit On Beautiful/Decay | STUDIO VISIT (PHOTOS)

(From: Beautiful/Decay) Before Downtown LA was cleaned up and made habitable for non-crackheads, The Brewery was one of the only places worth visiting. Sitting next to the LA River, The Brewery is a collection of industrial buildings and warehouses turned into artist live/work spaces. Pretty sure some of the people at The Brewery can be categorized as "Burning Man" types waiting for the mothership to pick them up.... or rich Sunday painters living the "artist" lifestyle. But, all jokes aside, there are actually a handful of artists living and working here who contribute to LA's thriving art community. One of those individual's is longtime friend, artist, and curator Max Presneill who was gracious enough to open up his studio to us right before he moved everything to his new space. But, before we get to Max's studio lets poke around The Brewery.....

Max Presneill Beautiful Decay

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