Onion News Network: Kim Jong-Il Ends Nuclear Program In Exchange For Lead Role In Next 'Batman' Film (VIDEO)

12/27/2010 02:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Kim Jong-Il traded nukes for a role in "Batman"? Well not exactly, but you'll soon be seeing a lot more ridiculous stories like that one on your television due to "The Onion" having two new shows in 2011, "Onion SportsDome" on Comedy Central and "Onion News Network" on IFC

In this segment from "Onion News Network" which premieres on Jan. 21, Kim Jong-Il has decided to end his nuclear program in exchange for the lead role in the next 'Batman' movie.

At first, the North Korean leader wanted to play every part in the film but after tense negotiations conceded that Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman can participate, "so they may learn the glorious craft of acting from the dear leader."


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