12/28/2010 11:04 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

David Shuster: 'I Never Intended To Humiliate Or Embarrass Anyone At MSNBC'

After an over six-month "indefinite" suspension from MSNBC, David Shuster's contract with the network has expired.

A network spokesperson said Tuesday that Shuster, who was suspended indefinitely in April over reports that he filmed a CNN pilot, is "no longer with MSNBC."

Shuster, reached by phone in Washington, confirmed that he has officially left the network.

"I had a great eight-and-a-half years with MSNBC and I have many lifelong friends that I made there," he told the Huffington Post.

Shuster would not discuss the specifics of his suspension from the network, merely saying, "I never intended to humiliate or embarrass anyone at MSNBC, and I harbor no ill-will or bad feelings towards anybody over there."

In the six months since his suspension — during which MSNBC paid him through the end of his contract, which expired earlier this month — Shuster has kept busy, finishing a Masters in Public Policy at Georgetown, traveling and volunteering.

Shuster's next step involves investigative journalism, and while he won't go into details he promises it will have a big impact on DC politics.

"I'm thrilled and excited with the awesome responsbilities in journalism that I have lined up for 2011 and look forward to providing more detail in the new year," he said.