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New Year's Resolutions: Feel Healthier and Younger In LA

Huffington Post     First Posted: 12/29/10 06:09 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:20 PM ET

Wouldn't it be nice if we actually kept the resolutions we make at the start of every new year? Wouldn't it be great to finally commit to becoming healthier, breaking our bad habits, and moving forward in our lives? We've compiled a Los Angeles guide to help you feel healthier, more rejuvenated and increase your overall sense of well-being in 2011, whether you are looking to detox after a wild New Year's Eve party, lose weight, or make large-scale lifestyle changes. Check out the slideshow below to see where you can enjoy a new work out, make changes to your diet, get in touch with your spiritual side, or simply pamper yourself in the new year. Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Change Your Diet: Healthy Cooking Classes
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Learn how to eat healthy all year by taking a gourmet cooking class in person or online. Spork Foods offers wheat-free, macrobiotic, and vegan cooking instruction to anyone looking to change their diet, lose weight, swear off fast food, or just learn how to eat healthier throughout 2011. Packages include 3 classes for $180 and 5 classes for $280. Not a bad deal, considering you can use what you learn in these classes every time you make a meal in 2011.

Photo by Spork Foods.
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