12/30/2010 12:26 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Wendy and Josh Rougeau, Aspiring Adoptive Parents, Advertise On Billboard

One Michigan couple is pulling out all the stops to find a child to call their own. Their latest effort: putting up a billboard along I-75 that advertises their phone number and reads, "Loving Couple Looking to Adopt."

CNN reports that Wendy and Josh Rougeau signed up with an adoption agency and were approved as suitable parents, but were told it may take years to find a birth mother.

According to Click on Detroit:

The couple started out small in their quest to find a birth mother, creating business cars, T-shirts and fliers. Then, the couple decided to go bigger in an effort to expand their audience.

And so they invested $2,000 in a billboard to advertise for a birth mother.


Though people have called to lend their support, Wendy and Josh are still waiting on that certain call. Read more about their efforts at CNN or call 810-908-5544 to speak with the Rougeaus.