01/02/2011 12:33 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Best Comedy Sketches Of The Decade: 2001 - 2010 (VIDEOS)

From 2001-2010, sketch comedy exploded. Gone were the days when "SNL" and a handful of other sketch shows were the only outlets to see people perform recorded sketch comedy. Now it seems like every other comedian is given a cable sketch show, and sites like YouTube and Funny or Die have allowed anyone with a strong premise, funny actors and a video camera to upload their sketches to the Internet. A more vast landscape of comedy on the Internet has only pushed everyone to be funnier and better. From "Chappelle's Show" to "Tim & Eric Awesome Show" Here are 32 of our favorite sketches from the last ten years, and we expect the next decade to be even more revolutionary. Vote for your favorite!

Top Sketches of the Decade (VIDEOS)