01/03/2011 09:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Injured 'Spider-Man' Actor Chris Tierney Opens Up About Fall (VIDEO)

Back on his feet, injured 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' actor Chris Tierney opened up about his terrifying fall.

Speaking with WCBS-NY in his first interview since his December 20th fall, Tierney recounted the free-falling moments between when his fall began and when he came crashing down.

"I was falling and then I saw once I hit the darkness of the stage, I had to just turn it real quick so I wasn't going to fall on my head and I crashed on my back," Tierney told reporter Dana Tyler (via NY Daily News). "The last thing I remember was like, uh, just going, 'Oh, God.'"

There was ample reason to fear -- his crash into the orchestra pit from 30-feet up resulted in a litany of terrible injuries: a hairline skull fracture, four broken ribs, a bruised lung and internal bleeding and cracked three vertebrae.

Sent for surgery at Bellevue hospital, Tierney walked again for the first time on Christmas Eve. He was transferred to rehab last week.

While Tierney has expressed his enthusiasm to get back to work on the musical, another injured performer, lead Natalie Mendoza, decided to leave the show after a suffering a concussion in November.