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New Site 'Never Said About Restaurant Websites' Hilarious, Helpful

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'Never said about restaurant websites,' a new website in Tumblr form, quietly debuted just before the new year with a simple conceit: quotes that would never be uttered about ubiquitously inadequate restaurant websites. Restaurant owners around the world would be well-served to take a look at 'Never said about restaurant websites' and its skewering of their uncanny proclivity toward cumbersome flash videos, PDF menus, and hidden essentials like operating hours & reservation policies.

Some examples:

"I wish this website would devote a lot more space and effort to a 'welcome to this website' paragraph that no one will ever read instead of prominently listing their hours of operation."
Not anyone

"I enjoy clicking on separate menu links to view the Appetizers, Salads, Meat Entrees, Fish Entrees, Pastas, and Desserts." Nobody

"I go to restaurant websites for the ambiance." Anyone?

Our enthusiasm for 'Never said about restaurant websites' stems not just for its spot-on diagnosis of restaurant websites' near-universal failings but for its dead simple 'How to make a less horrible restaurant website' section, eliminating any further excuse for restaurateurs to continue peppering our monitors with such easily rectifiable transgressions, including productive tips like:

2. Include the following information about your restaurant on the front of your website:

Phone number
How to make a reservation


4. Rest assured that anyone who tells you that you need any of the following things on your website is a nogoodnik and/or simply wrong.

A PDF of your menu
A song
A flash animation
Photos of anything other than your food or storefront.*

It also includes easy ideas for posting up-to-date menus in non-PDF form.

Have a look.

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