01/03/2011 06:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Libel Suit Calls On Ex-Gubernatorial Candidate To List Sexual Partners

Republican Ray McBerry, a two-time failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate, saw his pending libel suit against a campaign adversary complicated this week when he was asked to provide a list of partners with whom he has partaken in "physically intimate, romantic, or sexual relationship[s]."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

"In November, four months after he was culled from the Republican [primary] race for governor, Ray McBerry filed a libel suit against a Henry County woman for referring to him, on a Facebook page, as a "child molester" during the campaign."

Now the woman's attorney is asking for a trove of personal information about McBerry's sexual history.

The AJC outlines several of the attorney's specific requests.

"Identify all persons with whom you have had physically intimate, romantic, or sexual relationship," the document demands, specifying that they want details from the period between 2002 and the present. "Identify all instances in which you have been accused of any kind of sexual misconduct. For each such instance, identify the person(s) who accused you, the date of the misconduct, and the nature of the misconduct."

Linda Pittman, the defendant, posted the molestation accusation on Facebook during McBerry's 2010 campaign, having already alleged in 2003 that the political hopeful had engaged in an improper relationship with her 16-year-old daughter while he was employed as a high school teacher.

In the aftermath of those claims, McBerry admitted giving the underage girl a personal cell phone that allowed her to communicate with him without parental tracking -- he ultimately stepped down from his position at the school. The state's licensing board later sanctioned him for his behavior during the investigation.

Operators of Georgia blog SWGA Politics were also targeted in McBerry's libel suit for their coverage of the story.