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Colbert Tips His Hat To The Spider-Man Musical (VIDEO)

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After a two-week break, Stephen Colbert returned to the "Report" last night and did his classic "Tip Of The Hat, Wag Of The Finger" segment. After wagging his finger at the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation for misusing funds, Colbert tipped his hat at to the one thing everyone has been ragging on: the Spider-Man musical.

The numerous accidents and injuries plaguing "Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark" have been satirized by Conan O'Brien and other comedians repeatedly. Colbert jumped right in, saying they might have to change the name to "Spider-man: Notify Next Of Kin."

But aside from his mocking, Colbert actually saluted "Spider-Man" for unlocking the key to saving Broadway. "Spider-Man" tickets are selling like hot cakes because people are expecting a train wreck, causing a major box office boom. Colbert thinks more musicals should take a page out of "Spider-Man"'s book:

"They'd have no problem selling tickets if every musical came with the possibility of violent disfigurement."

Watch the clip to see what musicals Colbert thinks could benefit from the "Spider-man" method.


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