Pueblo's Lack Of Political Clout Means 'All Of The Impacts, Few Of The Benefits' Of Power Infrastructure

01/04/2011 01:22 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Rachel Cernansky Colorado Independent

Xcel produces 1,410 megawatts of electricity in Pueblo -- enough to power at least a million homes -- but sells none of it to local residents. It does, indirectly, sell a percentage of that power to Pueblo households through Black Hills, which has a franchise agreement with the city, but will do so only until the end of next year, when the current contract is set to expire.

Black Hills has plans in the works for a natural gas plant in Pueblo that it hopes to have up and running before its contract with Xcel expires. And until last month, plans were underway for an "energy park" that was being marketed as a renewable energy project but which would have relied heavily, at least initially, on nuclear power.

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