Chris Matthews Gushes Over Presence Of Cameras In House Chamber (VIDEO)

01/05/2011 01:47 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Chris Matthews was providing coverage of the start of the 112th Congress when he started marveling over the unusually roving cameras in the House chamber. Matthews could not contain his glee and excitement over the images he was seeing.

"Oh, these pictures," he said. As NBC News Congressional correspondent Kelly O'Donnell joined the crew, Matthews interrupted her.

"I love this stuff!" he exclaimed. "Look at these pictures! ...You can actually see the high school cafeteria aspect of the House floor, where they sit with their friends."

He also predicted that people would not see now-Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her top deputy Steny Hoyer "within 20 feet of each other." The cameras then seemingly found Hoyer and Pelosi talking to each other at that very moment, but Matthews didn't seem to notice, even as Andrea Mitchell tried to point it out to him.

"We never could see this on TV before!" he concluded.


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