Denver Cupcake Truck Temporarily Shutting Down Over Rules Confusion

01/06/2011 12:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The rise of food trucks in Denver may have been one of the most significant local culinary developments of 2010. That, however, doesn't mean the city has ironed out the rules governing the burgeoning mobile food industry.

As KUSA reported on Tuesday night, confusion over when and where food trucks can operate is causing one of the city's favorite food trucks, the Denver Cupcake Truck, to temporarily cease operations.

"I don't want to be breaking the law," Denon Moore, operator of the Denver food truck told KUSA. "I just want to know what we can do."

It seems little has changed since six months ago, when Westword ran an article on the plethora of new food trucks that began operating this summer.

Admitting that he was unclear as to the city's rules, Steuben's Food Truck owner Josh Wolkon told Westword "I guess we'll figure out pretty quickly what we can and can't do."

Moore told the Denver Post the Denver Cupcake Truck would be out of operation for the month of January while she tries to solve the problems with the city.