01/07/2011 02:34 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dog Tasered By Police After Blocking I-95 Highway Traffic (VIDEO)

For over three hours Monday night and Tuesday morning, traffic on I-95 was delayed by... a dog.

According to CBS News, the dog roamed the four-lane highway in Northeast Philadelphia, forcing cars to stop, slow down, or swerve. The dog was nearly hit multiple times, but managed to avoid cars and people trying to catch her.

The dog finally left the highway and was cornered by police. An officer tasered the dog upon feeling threatened. According to Capt. Francis Bachmayer, "The dog was about to attack one of the officers...We did not want any injuries."

Although old, the dog appears to be okay, and is now in an animal control center run by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Her name has been changed to "Northbound" due to her fondness for the highway. We're guessing some drivers caught in traffic were calling her names that were a little less endearing.

What do you think? Should tasers be used on animals? Do you think it was appropriate in this instance? Let us know in the comments.