01/07/2011 09:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Squirrel Monkey Photos, Videos From Around The World

Squirrel monkeys received some notorious exposure Thursday night during the premiere of the third season of 'Jersey Shore,' when Snooki threatened to attack "like a squirrel monkey." So what exactly is a squirrel monkey?

Squirrel monkeys, from the genus Saimiri, are a tropical forest animal native to Central and South America. A small population has also recently been introduced in Southern Florida.

Squirrel monkeys, as their name would imply, are hardly bigger than a squirrel, measuring around 10-14 inches in size. Insects and fruits are the primary source of food for squirrel monkeys, though they are known to eat other things like bird eggs and frogs, as well.

Male squirrel monkeys nearly double their size during mating season, which some scientists have commented is likely due to an increase in spermatogenesis. Another strange fact about the squirrel monkey is that in order to mark their territory, they urinate on their hands and feet, thus spreading their scent everywhere they go.

Baby squirrel monkeys spend the first few months of their lives clinging to the backs of their mothers, as seen in the first photo below. Although the animal isn't endangered, they do face the threat of the loss of their habitat due to increasing deforestation.

Check out some amazing photos and videos below of squirrel monkeys around the world, including squirrel monkeys eating Jell-O, and vote for your favorite!

Squirrel Monkeys