William Daley, New Chief Of Staff, Fainted Last Time He Got A White House Appointment (VIDEO)

01/07/2011 12:56 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's out with the old Daley, in with the young, as Chicago's Mayor Richard M. prepares for retirement, his kid brother Bill heads to the White House to serve as President Obama's Chief of Staff. Meanwhile, in the revolving-door world of politics, Bill Daley's predecessor in Washington, Rahm Emanuel, looks more and more poised to take over the throne back in Chicago. It's all enough to make your head spin.

Speaking of which, Bill Daley was lucky to keep his head on straight when his new job was announced Thursday. This isn't his first time being appointed to a White House position -- he was named Commerce Secretary for the Clinton administration in 1997, and things didn't go so smoothly last time around.

The drooping eyelids, the little smirk and then the panicked look on Bill Richardson's face make it all worth while. And yes, everyone was medically fine. We wouldn't be laughing if someone really got hurt.

Watch Bill Daley faint during the Commerce Secretary announcement in 1997:

(Hat-tip to Justin Kaufmann at WBEZ for digging this video up.)