01/09/2011 09:11 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Dancing With The Stars'' Maksim Chmerkovskiy Heads To 'The Bachelor' Ukraine

Looks like 'Dancing With The Stars' hunk Maksim Chmerkovskiy is looking for a new two-step partner. And the search will be broadcast to the world.

Chmerkovskiy told fans on his official website that he would be appearing on the first Ukrainian version of the ABC hit 'The Bachelor,' (and claims he initially turned the network down in its attempts to cast him in the American version) seeking out love after a number of high profile relationships on his other hit ABC show, 'DWTS.'

Chmerkovskiy runs through a litany of reasons on his site, including the possibility that he could indeed find love:

The idea that I would find 'the one' on a TV show is something that I can't ever fathom... I thought about everything VERY long. I've spoken to my family. I've spoken to people around me and decided that this might be something to try and see 'how it'll work'. I'm going into this with a thought of 'why not?'. I know it's hard to find someone you can connect to on a project like this, but nothing is impossible. For the sake of the show I can't reveal anything, but I must say I am very pleasantly surprised so far.

Of course, it can be pointed out that Chmerkovskiy has already found a certain amount of love on television; he was at one time engaged to fellow 'DWTS' pro Karina Smirnoff, and more recently, was engaged in a romance with his most recent 'DWTS' partner, ESPN's Erin Andrews.

He's not looking to just find the love of someone else -- Chmerkovskiy also wrote that he is doing the show for himself.

This might be the most important reason of all. This is the first thing in a VERY LONG TIME that I'm doing for ME. For the first time I don't really care what people think. First time that I'm not being 'judged', 'placed' or 'criticized' (well, maybe criticized, but you know what I mean). My profession required me to do things to 'please' others. Be it audience, judges, my coaches, etc.

Beyond love and self-fulfillment, Chmerkovskiy has a higher motive, as well: helping his troubled homeland.

I feel good about the fact that I can 'give back'... I have been speaking to lots of people for whom my family and I are an example of what is possible, and I feel great that I can help 'direct' young people's drives to better themselves while the government here is figuring everything out.