01/10/2011 11:51 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

George Takei To Star In Nickelodeon Series 'Supah Ninjas' (VIDEO)

Oh my! George Takei is about to take on his next big role: a holographic ninja grandfather on the new Nickelodeon show, 'Supah Ninja.'

According to IAmKoream.com, Takei is joining the cast of the upcoming 30-minute comedy. TV Guide reports that Takei will take on the role of spiritual guide -- accessible via hologram after his death -- to his grandson Mike and his two friends.

"The grandfather has the serious task of instructing the next generation of ninjas, but he also has a lot of funny moments and I find that a refreshing take on the traditional teacher-student relationship," Takei told TV Guide.

Takei, of course, is best known for his role as Sulu in Star Trek. He appeared in the original series, and the first six Star Trek movies. He has a long running feud with former cast mate William Shatner, whom he did not invite to his 2008 wedding to Brad Altman.

Here's a trailer of the show.