1/11/11: Significantly Insignificant?

01/11/2011 03:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Today is January 11, 2011 or 1/11/11.

So what's so special about today?

The date seems to hold no real significance, yet seems to have people enthralled. The binary date has virtually taken the internet by storm, trending on many major search sites, such as Google and Yahoo.

The mystical date does hold some significance for those who believe in the date's supernatural abilities. 11:11 holds a certain mystique, and kissing a clock at that time is said to bring good luck, especially on 1/11/11, according to the Washington Post.

The date also holds the honor of being one of just 12 binary (composed of only 1s or 0s) dates in 2011, one of the few years capable of producing such dates.

While today may not hold a historical or mystical significance, other consecutive dates have. Many believed 9/9/99 was the real Y2K, while 8/8/88 apparently inspired protests calling for democracy in Burma., according to AOL News. On 1/23/45 Hungary withdrew from WWII, signing a treaty with the allies.

Perhaps Verizon's 11 a.m. iPhone announcement will go down in history.

If 1/11/11 has captured this much attention, how significant will 11/11/11 be? According to many wedding planners the date, which falls on a Friday, is already booked.

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