01/11/2011 09:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Haiti One Year Later: Stories Of Resilience In The Aftermath And How To Help Now

One year after the devastating 7.0-magnitude struck Haiti, stories of hope, rebuilding and resilience are shared. But for every tale of happiness, a tale of abject poverty and frustration comes to light.

While corruption, inefficient spending and poor leadership are blamed, ordinary citizens from across the globe continue to support the people of Haiti through donations.

Though much remains to be rebuilt, nonprofit organizations and aid agencies are helping global citizens donate over $1 billion and rising to aid the victims of the Haiti earthquake on the anniversary of the catastrophe. While these organizations' actions are being continually scrutinized, reviewing the efforts of thousands of individuals and organizations to help millions more is both sobering and inspiring.

Today, millions of Haitians are still in need.