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'Sarah Palin's Alaska' & 9 Other One-Season Reality Shows (PICTURES)

First Posted: 01/11/11 08:08 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:25 PM ET

Reality shows are guilty of being poor entertainment as it is, so when one only lasts for a single season, you know it was bad. Now that "Sarah Palin's Alaska" is officially a one-hit wonder, we started to remember a few other reality shows that only made it through the first season. If "Jersey Shore" can make it to season three without a question, who are Palin's new one-season reality show peers? See 9 of her compadres below, and vote for the most unwatchable.

"Boy Meets Boy"
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Bravo's "groundbreaking" reality show "Boy Meets Boy" proved that exploitation and general lack of human decency does not necessarily make a successful reality show. In "Boy Meets Boy", the contestant had to choose who he would like to date out of a house full of single men. The "twist" was that some of the men are straight. a fact that neither the contestant nor the housemates are aware of. To make matters worse the straight men were offered $25,000 if they were chosen as the contestant's date. For whatever reason, Americans didn't feel like watching straight men date and lie to gay men for money.
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