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Civilian Protests Around The World (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 01/13/11 10:07 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:25 PM ET

Unemployment and government corruption sparked mass protests in Tunisia, and the ensuing situation has transformed the popular North African tourist destination into a veritable battleground for the past three weeks.

Unfortunately, Tunisia isn't the only nation to be experiencing massive unrest among its civilians. In Pakistan, civil demonstrations erupted over proposed amendments to blasphemy laws, while Haiti can adds a series of election-based protests to its seemingly ever-growing list of troubles following a tragic anniversary.

See photos of current and recent civilian protests around the world here:

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Riots and other street demonstration began last month over high unemployment in central Tunisia. Tunisia's Interior Ministry said Monday that 14 people were killed last weekend in three towns in the deadliest episodes in more than three weeks of unusual unrest in this popular tourist destination.
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