01/13/2011 03:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Erin Kaplan Leaves Elle For Teen Vogue

Erin Kaplan, the voice of reason and the picture of restraint when it came to dealing with Olivia Palermo on "The City," is leaving her post as PR director at Elle, Daily Front Row reports. She'll be moving her things over to Teen Vogue, where she starts as Senior PR Director on Tuesday.

Kaplan spent over five years at Elle and we wonder how Creative Director Joe Zee is taking the news. In any case, it sounds like he'll be able to catch up with Erin on the small screen. Daily Front Row writes:

We've got our fingers crossed for part deux of "The City," relocated to 4 Times Square, featuring more face time with Kaplan, and with a fresh new passive-aggressive arch nemesis to replace Palermo! And even if that particular project doesn't manifest, rest assured that there is definitely a television project in the works at [Teen Vogue].

Oooh, tell us more!