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Who Has The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich In NYC?

First Posted: 01/14/11 08:44 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:25 PM ET

For many years, grilled cheese was regarded as a comfort food, a sandwich so simple that even a child could make it. However, the recent mania for adding truffle oil and pumpkins to the American classic has jolted this humble sandwich into the upper echelon of New York dining, popping up on menus in different iterations.

So, in a land of fantastic grilled cheese sandwiches, which one reigns supreme? Do you love the classic variety or the more inventive? Weigh in below!

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What is the best grilled cheese in nyc?

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The ten best, as chosen by our readers. Do you agree?

Cafe Basil - 3rd ave between 47th and 48th
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Tell them you want bacon, tomatoes, and a pickle with it
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