01/13/2011 04:25 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Topless Dancers Shovel Times Square After Snow Storm (PHOTOS)

Everyone chipped in to shovel the city out after Tuesday night's snowstorm, even the strippers.

And they did it topless in Times Square.

While the police eventually moved the dancers away from their original location, there was technically nothing illegal about shoveling the sidewalks bare-breasted. A little-known 90s court ruling makes it okay for women to be topless in NYC, according to DNAinfo.

The dancers are a part of the Cheetah Club, a West 43rd Street topless club.

From DNAinfo:

"There were tourists and kids," said Bruce Lynn, a spokesman for the West 43rd Street club. "But the firemen liked it, and the sanitation workers liked it."

The strippers said they were just attempting to do their civic duty.

"We're here helping the mayor clean the city up," said a dancer, who called herself Giselle, who stood with six of her colleagues in the bone-chilling cold.

Police let the club's owner off with a warning, but reminded the shovelers that Times Square is now a family destination. Passersby had taken photos of the girls, who certainly turned heads.

See some photos of the shovelers below, or visit DNAinfo for the whole article.