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Erik Wells Proposes West Virginia Bill That Would Revoke Parents' Licenses For Children's Truancy

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In a nation replete with high school dropouts, educators and policy makers alike are searching for ways to keep kids in class.

Michigan prosecutor Kym Worthy has proposed that parents serve time in jail if their children miss too much school.

Now, West Virginia legislator Erik Wells has come up with another creative incentive he hopes will motivate parents to keep their kids on track. Wells has drafted a bill that would suspend parents' driver's licenses if their students are chronically absent from school.

According to The Charleston Gazette,

Parents who are lax about attendance are sentencing their kids to a life of limited economic opportunity, he said.

The drastic efforts by Wells and others remain controversial, especially after a recent study suggests punishing parents won't boost students' attendance.

CNN anchors discuss the proposed bill and have viewers weigh in on the pros and cons.


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