01/14/2011 01:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Steele And The Many, Many People Who Called For His Resignation

Perhaps the truest words that Michael Steele ever spoke were, "I ain't going anywhere." Yes, part of that is true only because the Republican National Committee head has never said anything like, "The entire reason I became RNC chair was to sell the terrible book I sprung on my colleagues," but let's face it: Steele's endurance in the face of constant personal failure broke new ground, eclipsing even the Los Angeles Clippers and Jeff Zucker.

But today, barring something utterly insane, the man who forced political journalists to fully mine their thesauri for synonyms for "embattled" will be voted out of his position atop the RNC, possibly in favor of someone who sounds like a character from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy named Reince Priebus. After two years of alienating donors, hilarious gaffes and bondage-themed strip-club expenditures, getting free of Steele is the first step the RNC can take to get its swagger back.

if Michael Steele has a singular accomplishment, it's that I didn't think it was possible to elicit so many calls for resignation without actually being forced to resign. For Steele, calls to resign came at such a regular rate that I was pretty sure he was going to set a new record. Then, abruptly, they ceased. Not because Steele turned it around! It was just that everyone finally gave up, started their own donor networks and got Steele to go to Guam. Later, Steele went on the "Fire Pelosi bus tour." I gather that Steele believes this was essential to the GOP's success in 2010, but really it was just a convenient thing he could be sent to do that would get him out of everyone else's way.

One thing we all know now about the position of RNC chair is that it's actually a very difficult job to lose! Today, we take a moment to remember all of the people who were way into the idea of Steele stepping down before it became cool.

Who's Called For Michael Steele's Resignation

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