Jennifer Love Hewitt To Make Directorial Debut With 'Wait Till Helen Comes'

01/15/2011 10:17 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jennifer Love Hewitt is in front of the camera in a hit ghost story, and now, she's hoping to make a hit ghost story behind the camera.

Variety reported on Friday (via FirstShowing.net) that Love Hewitt, who stars in the CBS series 'The Ghost Whisperer,' will make her directorial debut in ghost thriller 'Wait Till Helen Comes.'

Based on a young adult novel of the same name by Mary Downing Hahn, the story centers on a trio of siblings that move to Maryland -- into a house that turns out to be haunted. When the 12-year old narrator's stepsister falls under the power of the ghost of a young girl that stalks the house, the narrator must save the sister and ease the pain of the ghost.

Love Hewitt has directed a number of episodes of 'Ghost Whisperer' over the past two years, and is dating Alex Beh, who is an actor/director himself.

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