01/15/2011 10:27 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Loughner 'Genocide' Video Released By Pima Community College (VIDEO)

Pima Community College has released a bizarre YouTube video of Arizona shooting suspect Jared Loughner touring the campus with a handheld camera and railing against his "genocide" school, calling it "one of the biggest scams in America."

The video was released late Friday by school officials.

The LA Times reports that the rambling video earned Loughner a suspension from the college last fall.

Breathing heavily and laughing softly as he walked up a dark set of stairs, Loughner said: "I lost my freedom of speech to that guy and ... this is what happens. And I'm in a terrible place. This is the school that I go to. This is my genocide school, where I'm going to be homeless because of this school. I haven't forgot the teacher that gave me the B for freedom of speech."

Near the end of the video, while walking through a courtyard, he said, "All the teachers that you have are being paid illegally and have illegal authority over the Constitution of the United States under the 1st Amendment. This is genocide in America. Thank you. This is Jared from Pima College."

Watch the video below and read more about Loughner's struggles at the college from the Times here.

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