Kevin Colley Tantrum: ECHL Coach Flips Out, Throws Hockey Sticks Onto Ice (VIDEO)

01/17/2011 05:21 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Utah Grizzlies coach Kevin Colley flipped out on the bench during Saturday's ECHL game against the Stockton Thunder.

In the third period, Colley lost his temper with referee Rick Looker after he called a penalty on the Grizzlies. Utah had already received 83 of 149 penalty minutes and Looker had officiated the game between the two teams on Friday as well, in which 76 combined penalty minutes were recorded.

Colley began chucking several hockey sticks onto the ice despite some of his staff trying to keep the equipment away from him.

He was given a bench minor and game misconduct for his tirade and the league suspended him for one game on Monday.

Colley will not be on the bench for Monday night's rematch against the Thunder.

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