Brazil Floods: 5 Ways To Help Survivors

01/18/2011 11:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last week, torrential rains left severe flooding and caused devastating mudslides in mountainous areas outside of Rio de Janeiro.

Thousands are left homeless and over 700 are dead, as rescue efforts in remote regions are only just beginning six days after the deadly disaster.

Residents in remote areas are frustrated by the lack of response to the crisis.

No help -- food, water, medication -- had reached the survivors here by Saturday other than what little residents in flip-flops could haul in by foot from the center of Teresopolis, slung over their shoulders in supermarket bags. Two avalanches wiped out the road leading to the Cascata do Imbui neighborhood, leaving in places only a cracked ribbon of asphalt perched over an abyss.

As of Tuesday, rescue workers have begun to reach families by helicopter in hilly areas where roads have been washed away.

The majority of the relief efforts so far have been undertaken by the government, alongside the Brazilian Red Cross. The government will need millions to respond to the emergency.

Reuters reports,

On Tuesday, President Dilma Rousseff met with World Bank officials who said they were working out the final details on a $485 million emergency relief loan to the state of Rio de Janeiro for the disaster hit areas.

Also joining the fray, nonprofit organizations are lending a hand, helping survivors who are injured, left without a home or in need of food and water.

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5 Ways To Help Brazilian Flood Survivors