Andrew Cuomo Has Highest Approval Rating Since 2009: Poll

01/18/2011 09:41 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Andrew Cuomo is more popular now than at any time since he first declared he would run for governor.

According to a Siena Research Institute poll, 70 percent of New Yorkers had a favorable view of the new Governor. Two thirds of New Yorkers said they trusted Cuomo more than the State Legislature.

"After two weeks as governor, Cuomo's honeymoon is in full swing, as he gets strong marks from voters by every measure," Siena pollster Steven Greenberg said.

From the New York Times:

That groundswell of support among voters is precisely what the governor and his aides are planning to marshal as they prepare to make the case for Mr. Cuomo's budget, which is to be released in two weeks.

"My voice only resonates when I have you behind me," Cuomo said at a rally in Watertown on Friday. "I have power with the Legislature when they look at me and they see you behind me. That's when they respond. You're the big guy standing behind me."

Cuomo was viewed favorably in the poll by Democrats, (78 percent) Republicans (60 percent) and people who live downstate (73 percent) and upstate (65 percent).

The poll, conducted between Jan. 10 to 13, did not offer good news for the Legislature. Only 33 percent of respondents looked favorably on the State Senate, and 29 percent had a positive view of the State Assembly.