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Cheap Dates In NYC (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 01/18/11 02:18 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:25 PM ET

Dating in New York can be tough--all the more so if you're strapped for cash. But you can still impress your date without breaking the bank if you know where to go. Fortunately for you, we do. So before you book another table at a pricey restaurant like Le Bernardin or Masa, be sure to consult our guide to New York's top inexpensive date spots. Hey, at the very least it'll help you weed out the gold-diggers. --From Justine Goodman, Citysearch

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110 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002

Taking your date to happy hour doesn't exactly scream "I'm a keeper!-- but the high price of specialty cocktails in this town can practically bankrupt the Average Joe. Luckily, this sexy cocktail den's happy hour lasts until 10pm nightly, with everything from lychee martinis to house wines costing only $5, so you can look suave while saving some cash. Citysearch
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