New Twitter DM Spam Attack: Beware 'iPhone Testers' Message

01/18/2011 09:13 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Watch out: A new Twitter spam attack is spreading via Direct Messages.

The suspicious DMs include a link and a note inviting users to sign up to be an iPhone tester (see examples below). "IPHONE 4 TESTERS NEEDED, FREE IPHONE FOR ANY TESTER WHO APPLIES BEFORE MIDNIGHT," reads one version of the message. Another says, "Apple wants testers for the new iPhone with the camera built in."

Although it may be tempting to try your chances at testing Apple's iPhone, if you receive one of the spammy DMs, don't click the link.

If you've inadvertently sent the DM--and Twitter is full of @ mentions from users alerting their followers that their accounts may have been compromised--you would do well to change your Twitter password.

See screenshots of the new DM spam below: