01/18/2011 03:33 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Howard Fineman: 'Sarah Palin Just Does Not Get It' (VIDEO)

On MSNBC's "The Last Word," HuffPost's Howard Fineman told host Lawrence O'Donnell that Palin "just does not get it."

Fineman was responding to Sarah Palin's interview with Sean Hannity in which the former governor defended herself against criticism following the Arizona Shootings.

"It made no sense," said Fineman. "She seemed rattled. I think she seemed uncomfortable. Her answers didn't add up or make sense."

In contrast to President Obama, whose reaction to the Arizona shootings received a 78% approval rating from both Republicans and Democrats, Fineman believes that Palin's remarks even failed to win over her core supporters: "Maybe it is unfair to ask Sarah Palin to have the kind of grasp of the American psyche that at least this week the president seemed to have had. But she doesn't have it here... She refuses to accept the possibility of anything she has done or said is worthy of second-guessing."

Commenting on Palin's future propects, Fineman points out the fact that even her friends at Fox News question whether she can pursue elected office: "When someone's asking if your career is over, it is never a good thing."

Watch the interview here: