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Pelosi Thinks Giffords Will Return To Congress (VIDEO)

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CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked Rep. Nancy Pelosi on "The Situation Room" if Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head in an assasination attempt earlier this month, will return to Congress.

"Yes, I think so," responded the Democratic leader. "The reports that I've been getting from her husband are very positive. You see what's in the press. We'll be looking forward to welcome her back to her committee assignments."

An Arizona state law that allows elected officials to be removed from office after being unable to serve for three months does not appear to threaten Giffords' seat. The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that, "In Washington, lawyers quickly concluded that the statute does not apply to members of Congress. The U.S. Constitution provides the qualifications for service in Congress and makes the House the sole judge of those qualifications."

On CNN, Pelosi also spoke about her visit with Giffords in a Tucson hospitol, where the Arizona representative was recently upgraded from critical to serious condition.

Pelosi declined to address comments made by Sarah Palin in the wake of the tragedy.


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