01/20/2011 07:54 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Denise Richards: Charlie Sheen Troubles Difficult To Hide From Kids

While Charlie Sheen frequents prostitutes out in Las Vegas, the mother of his children is doing her best to keep their kids unaware of their father's troubles.

Denise Richards opened up to Access Hollywood about the difficulties in raising kids while their father is having such a public meltdown.

"I try my best to keep that quiet from our daughters because, you know, this is something I've never dealt with in my life until this situation," Richards said. "I'm learning how to deal with it and just keeping a lid on it for our kids has been my main priority and it does become difficult.

What she's trying to hide has been documented extensively: the porn stars, the $26,000 prostitute tab, and missing Christmas because he's in jail.

Even when the couple tried to make nice by meeting in New York in October, things got crazy -- the drunk, cocaine-fueled rampage through a restaurant, in which Richards met the prostitute Sheen was entertaining.

"When we went to New York, that was our intention -- to have a nice time with the girls and I thought it was great that we could all travel together and go out to dinner and do things even though we're not together anymore. The events that took place after that, you know, it was ... difficult."

Meanwhile, Kirstie Alley a few days earlier took a more aggressive approach, tweeting a plea to Sheen:

"Charlie Sheen... you have TWO beautiful girls... Perhaps for the sake of these children, you can decide to QUIT hanging with porn stars & hos."

Richards' response? "that would be a good start."

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